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I Was Named After Daniel Treacy / Bonny's Garden Party (double album)

jangle-pop / indie-pop / post-punk / twee-pop

"consumed by the spirit of the late 80s and early 90s"

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Burnt Seed Records (Various Artists)
Sprouted Volume 3

dark ambient / experimental electronic / modular synth / musique concrète

"showcasing the amazing scene in Perth"

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The Boltons
Fading Estate (EP)

jangle-pop / indie-pop / post-punk

"jangly indie-pop"

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asleep on the Ferris wheel

cinematique / headphone music / vaporgaze / emotional / melancholic / hardsoft / posteverything

"Dreamy, melancholy, and beautiful."

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Sashash Ulz

experimental / lo-fi

"outsider level of song-writing"

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Dreams of Hope

electronic / synthwave

"the power of dreams and determination"

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The Boy Who Forgot How To Be Happy

psychedelic / ambient / experimental

"a healing story crafted with pain and joy"

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Chemical Shift
A new Beginning

electronic downtempo / ambient / experimental

"a sonic journey through ethereal landscapes"

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Spiritual gift
Harmony's Ascension: Soul's Journey into Cosmic Rhythms

electronic / new age / instrumental / spiritual / downtempo / ambient

"a kaleidoscope of emotions"

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