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ambient / experimental

"Magic realism inspired"

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The Impossible Years
A Good Past Deserves Repeating and Living Through The Impossible Years (2CD double album)

college rock / indie-pop / jangle-pop / power pop

"Jangly college rock from the heart of the 80s"

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instrumental / production music / soundtrack / video game

"Music for games and video"

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Ben Keller
Versions of You

ai / alternative / experimental / punk / rap / rock

"a powerful blend of emotion and energy"

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Cyber Monday


"about being teleported to different dimensions and worlds"

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Caught In Joy

ambient / berlin school / electronic / space music

"driven by groovy beats and the smooth, dreamy sounds of modular and Moog synthesizers"

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Popperimental Essentials
Operation Watermelon

experimental pop

"Palestine liberation movement inspired experimental pop essentials. 🇵🇸"

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Kevin Robertson
The Call Of The Sea

jangle-pop / psyche-pop / sixties

"jangle riffs that coerse through the most vibrant of psyche-pop and rock inflections."

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Anders Jörnesten
On The Outskirts Of Town

acoustic folk / americana / folk

"a summer song"

17 codes remaining
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