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ambient / experimental

"Magic realism inspired"

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The Impossible Years
A Good Past Deserves Repeating and Living Through The Impossible Years (2CD double album)

college rock / indie-pop / jangle-pop / power pop

"Jangly college rock from the heart of the 80s"

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doom death metal

"Lose yourself in the music and find clarity in your thoughts"

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House & Hawk
House & Hawk 4: Executive Edition CS

indie pop / indie rock / new wave / r&b / sophistipop

"House & Hawk 4 with Six New Bonus Tracks!"

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Human Energy Field
Sacred Spell

ambient / drone / ensemble / experimental / improvised / live / live electronics / synth

"Live band comes together for their first "real album""

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rich wh
To See When We Speak

australia / dark ambient / dark beat / drone / electronic / experimental / field recording / modular synthesis

"Exploring sound and primal rhythm during late night modular synthesiser sessions when all is still."

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Cassilda and Carcosa
Tubes, Transformers, Transistors, and Tape

acid / analog / analogue / braindance / electronica / experimental electronic / idm

"The Aphex Twin comparisons from the press are apt in that this artist is truly a genius."

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downtempo / electronic / experimental / idm / soundtrack

"blending Synthwave, IDM, Downtempo, and experimental electronic music to explore the mystery and intrigue of UAP sightings"

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instrumental / production music / soundtrack / video game

"Music for games and video"

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