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alternative / dark ambient / experimental / goth / soundscape

"curves from lush, textured soundscapes + found sounds to mystic loops"

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Neither Could Dylan

rock / folk / punk / indie / canadian

"A 3-part theatrical odyssey ultimately about finding yourself"

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Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Here I am! Send me!
We Stand So Fragile Against The Cruelty Of Creation

black metal / death metal

"Chaotic, dissonant, and at times beautiful."

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Qyo Ecclesia

cathedral / temple / fantasy / dungeon synth

"Hymns of the pious Qyo, a sun-worshipping sect of the Kylyy flower people"

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Down Like A Dropscene (Extended Edition)

jangle-pop / indie-pop / chamber-pop / folk-pop

"twists and turns of emotionality"

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In The April Sun and This World Could Be So Much Fun

jangle-pop / indie-pop / c86

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Spectral Spells
Making Love With The Devil

dark / darkwave / electronic / minimal synth / cold wave / post punk / goth

"She's an esoteric nightmare"

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Sobaki Tabaka
В Д​р​у​г​о​й В​с​е​л​е​н​н​о​й

"a post-apocalyptic radio transmission"

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