Lovers of anything that jangles, we are the official label of the janglepophub blog and twitter site.

Founded by James Shoesmith, Dan Sweeney, Julie Fowler, Beth Dobson and Darrin Lee

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Ten Songs and Second LP

indie-pop / jangle-pop / twee-pop

"Jangly indie/twee pop of the finest persuasion"

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The Impossible Years
A Good Past Deserves Repeating and Living Through The Impossible Years (2CD double album)

college rock / indie-pop / jangle-pop / power pop

"Jangly college rock from the heart of the 80s"

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Kevin Robertson
The Call Of The Sea

jangle-pop / psyche-pop / sixties

"jangle riffs that coerse through the most vibrant of psyche-pop and rock inflections."

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Porcelain by Porcelain

fuzz-pop / indie pop / jangle-pop / lo-fi

"glitch, jangle, and post-punk inflections"

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With The Distance of Time

c86 / indie pop / jangle-pop / twee-pop

"jangly C86 drive and playfulness"

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The Haircuts
Words To Remember Me By (A Complete Retrospective)

indie pop / jangle-pop / twee-pop

"Vivian Girls perfection from every aural angle"

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Holding On To Let Go

c86 / indie pop / jangle-pop

"DIY pop recorded directly into a cheap laptop"

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The Blue Herons
Go On

dream-pop / guitar-pop / indie pop / jangle-pop

"beautiful jangly dream and guitar-pop"

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Pantomime Horses
Forever Polyester

60s / jangle-pop / psychedlic rock

"sounds like how the music of the 60s was revised in the 80s"

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