Sobaki Tabaka

Sobaki Tabaka have been making music since 1997. In that time, they have crafted a bleak string of full length records. In spite of consistent recording, however, they have managed to remain deeply underground, presumably honing slurries of disillusioned theories and apocalyptic visions in the shadows to throw down on wax.

Sobaki Tabaka
В Д​р​у​г​о​й В​с​е​л​е​н​н​о​й

"a post-apocalyptic radio transmission"

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Sobaki Tabaka

ambient / electronic / experimental / industrial / misc / moscow / noise

"New album from Moscow industrial titans."

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Sobaki Tabaka

ambient / black metal / dance / dark ambient / drone electronic / experiemental / experimental electronic / experimental hip hop / industrial / misc

"anthems on the tombs of post-industrial de-humanity"

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