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Sobaki Tabaka

This album shouldn’t be taken as “one-more-remixes-album” even if you heard the original songs but may be regarded as a full-length sonic deconstruction of the universe created by the band in the previous years. The universe isn’t an exaggeration here, since it’s almost a tangible space haunted by shadows and reflections as those thrown by clouds on the water’s mirror, the blurry spots, any moment ready to take the form of the worst of your nightmares, the most hidden of your desires. It's an entity, permanently mutating and spreading itself, filling the space around — from ghostly atmospheric soundscapes to solid gravestonish anthems on the tombs of post-industrial de-humanity. So the deconstruction in this sense is a transformation into a new body, new but still possessed with the same vice and filth making people what they are - not a kind of creatures to be sorry for very much but worth saving just to be shown as an exhibit in a museum of evolutional failures called Mondo Cane, a place where Sobaki Tabaka prove with every their show and record — it’s a pity everyone will die too soon to see the story ends. Everyone except them and the artists represented on this album. Maybe you.

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