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Olio Flux

The Concept: Picture yourself deep inside the core of the earth, about to travel up through each layer of the underground, making your way upwards until you emerge onto the surface. Eventually you leave the earth's surface and continue up through the Stratosphere until you ultimately reach outer space. Each track is one layer or atmosphere of your journey.

All 24bit 44.1k tracks created by me, using no loops, sequencers or samples of anyone else's and mastered with Izotope's Ozone 10 Elements. Cover by artificial intelligence.

If you select each song I list what sounds, audio tools, and instruments, if any, were used to create it.
released January 16, 2023

Thanks to Andrew Huang and his Four Producers series, Hainbach, Venus Theory, Cherry Audio, Audio Thing, PSP, Native Instruments and Izotope for the inspiration, tools and support in wanting to create this.

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