Petrohex aka Petros Vouris, is a sound artist that makes numbers sing,
structures roar, and metal boxes beat. Vouris' works intersect between art,
science, ecology and philosophy. Their work ranges from composition,
performance, sound installation, field recordings, sound-ecology, film and
theatre scores.

Petros has had their work represented in Galleries nationally and abroad
having performed and worked with artists such as KK Null, Ikue Mori, Kaffe
Matthews, Scanner and more recently they have collaborated and performed
with performance artist Stelarc on ‘Stickman’ and the ‘Anthropomorphic

As Petrohex, Sound artist/composer Petros Vouris goes back to their original
choice of instrument - the drum machine. The music is raw, visceral and
primal - rhythms become shifting tonal structures, rhythmic fugues and
polyrhythmic sequences.


soundtrack music / experimental / electronic / film

"A visceral audial expedition"

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