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Collective Species

Nudibranch - Molecular Selections Presents
Tullochh’s debut single - Collective Species.
Following the release of ‘Heis’ on the label’s
recent Molecular Selections compilation,
Edinburgh-based Tullochh delivers two
contrasting cuts for the virtual clubbers and
arcader racers which will keep you dreaming of
the real thing.

Collective Species is a nod to the co-operative
values of the label and the conceptual alien
lifeforms that exist within the Nudibranch
universe. Explosive 303, shimmering chords
and mind-bending modulation are fused with
the atmosphere of Berlin’s U-Bahn and the
soundscape of suburban Edinburgh to create a
tapestry that transports you to another world.

Check Point is an homage to arcade racing, the
soundtrack to an alien grand-prix in a futuristic
Tokyo-like city. As the racers fly off the starting
line, a hypnotic arp leads them in a trance
towards the first corner. This doesn’t last for
long though - a weighty bassline and
sizzling-chords propel them through the city,
sending the audience into a frenzy as they
reach the first checkpoint.

Bursting with energy
and packed full of twists and turns, Tullochh
delivers a track that’s equally at home on the
dance-floor as it is on the tarmac.

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