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Through Mists

Through Mists comments:

"Through Mists is excited to release Branches! The work done on this album has been both a challenge and a learning experience that I felt was necessary to get an evolution in the sound. There are some really technical passages on here, yet there can be a little something for every part of the extreme metal community. As vague as that genre moniker can be, there are aspects of melody, dissonance , fast crips riffing and even some sludgier parts. It's doing a lot of work in a short span of time, and all of it delivered by an aggressive point!

Branches is an album exploring the concept of family, personal growth and changes to many lives for the better.The songs were inspired by the birth of my son and facing the reality of becoming a father for the first time, what the value of different relationships means and how in the long run, you need to be as supportive of the people close to you as they are of you. Like a tree growing to the ever stretching sky, so we too change

Musically and production wise, Branches continues certain themes of the previous release, Prolific, while being it's own distinct piece. The atmosphere and riffing blend up into a dense offering that grabs you and doesn't let go. An aggressively upbeat venture, these 5 songs create an album that drives home the concept of family "

The album will be available digitally on Bandcamp and other digital streaming platforms

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