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Reality Scruncher
Witchcraft, Murk and Madness

Some like to explore the darkest places, those locations where nature, time and myth collude to send a shiver down the spine. They pack up their camping gear, take plenty of food, and hike off into the sunset, hoping for excitement, laughter, and content for their social media channels.

They come to the attention of ancient powers that have no desire to go viral, or to be some kind of fairground attraction for babbling idiots. In fact, these forces are adept at making these intruders dance to their own sinister tune.

Witchcraft, Murk and Madness is a dark ambient drone experience, one that provides an uneasy soundtrack to the disappearance of a group of “influencers”. While dark, it is also hoped to be relaxing, and is best listened to with a good set of headphones.

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