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Neon Insect
New Moscow Underground

Don't expect a warm welcome to New Moscow - the city we knew as New York, before the New Russian Empire invaded the American continent 26 years ago.

Today...the first fully indoctrinated generation is grown up. They are doing "their part" as citizens in a system they have never been taught to question. And if YOU somehow find a way to question it, you're so special that you'd better be prepared to be exiled to Old Manhattan.

They never told you about the exile down in Old Manhattan, didn't they?'ll see, now, that you're starting to ask. But let me tell you this:

You'd trade off being stuck in a routine of work, eat and sleep.."doing your part", controlled by cyborgs and people who believe in the system...which most of them really do, because they don't know the words to question anything. You'd trade this for a fight with yourself, your beliefs, food, space, shelter and love - if you even know what love is. The chances to survive are as small as winning the lottery.

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