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fuck your new normal

Like a signal flare fired in the dark, meant. returns in 2024 with their beautiful, surprise new EP: fuck your new normal.

Neatly divided into two tracks that are 15 minutes each, meant. ventures forth into new sonic territories that console, collide, churn, crash and crest, bringing listeners along for a stunningly impactful, restrained, immersive, and cinematic reflection on what it means to be.

Thoughtful in its delicacy and playful in its swirling, forebodingly soothing textures, fuck your new normal marks an evolutionary high point in meant.'s discography that fans won't want to let slip by.

EP opener i miss the ordinary days the most | fuck your new normal | our separate shores, an amphigory: an exploration of hebetudinous, concussive, hollow states of being. (yes, that's the song title) kicks the EP off with knobs to 11 guitars seasoned with the found sound of a dialogue that form an impassioned, mournful, and increasingly hollow wall of sound in search of something before it breaks away to reveal a truly sinister, throbbing bass line. Wasting no time, the track effortlessly morphs into an eerie, menacing, scratching, glitchy dark club anthem that proceeds to chart its own course, following a design unique unto itself. Including stops along achingly gorgeous and lush ambient/drone soundscapes, plus heavy horror synth spaces reminiscent of Dario Argento films, to sipping coffee at a jazz cafe on a good day, the track carries the listener ever onwards, and inwards towards a final climax that is as superb as it is splendid.

Track two, learning to play hooky before the great cheese slice war | i did everything wrong, quietly unfolds into a sonorous and suspenseful soundtrack to remembrance — to what it means that we possess the capacity for memory at all. Coalescing into a lush fog of sound, meant. carries the listener along through burgeoning, poignant moments of what feels like a confession, diary entry, or a film reel. With airy moments that are reminiscent of Billy Corgan’s guitar work from 1993’s Siamese Dream, meant. has elevated the textural detail in their sound design to new heights.

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