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Twisted Reality


"Twisted Reality" is a hauntingly beautiful exploration of trauma, inner strength, and finding your place in a world that doesn't understand.

The song weaves a dark and atmospheric soundscape, reflecting the protagonist's internal struggle. Lyrics like "Creepin' through the shadows, where the killers lay low" and "Darkness in my veins, I'm the wolf in disguise" paint a picture of someone hardened by past experiences.

But within the darkness lies a burning ember of resilience. The chorus, "This twisted reality, the darkness I crave/ They don't even see the monster they made," is a powerful declaration of defiance. The protagonist embraces the darkness they've been pushed into, using it as fuel to rise above.

This duality is a key theme. The lyrics speak of "dead roses" and "empty reflections," highlighting a loss of innocence and a disconnect from the world. Yet, there's a determination to "push past the limits" and find strength in the pain: "Whispers in the night, they try to break my stride/ I'm built from the pain, they can't take what's inside."

"Twisted Reality" is a song for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider, who has found solace in the shadows, and who ultimately finds their own unique power within the darkness.

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