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Content warning: Mature and explicit lyrics!

Scarification. Slowed-down and distorted drum patterns and subtle synth melody. A short vocal sets up a melancholic ambient space.

Death Phases. Industrial techno with more distortion than EDM. Short intro and outro and evolving 909 kick drum.

Netherworld. Spoken word with no accompaniment. An account of a distressed mental state.

Empty. Noise soundscape with reverberating drum sounds. Delay effects on an internal monologue contribute to a spatial sound.

Bonus Track. Distorted drum patterns with a final monologue to conclude. CW: Mild reference to self-harm. There's a glimmer of hope.

Release on all major digital stores and streaming platforms 7/17/2024. Available to stream / download now on Bandcamp (five tracks including one bonus track).

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