Lung Records

Lung Records is a Portland, OR based independent record label dedicated to releasing high quality vinyl and digital albums from the past and present. Originally started in 1991 as Quagmire Records in Los Gatos, CA by founders Tim Alexander and David Beach, Quagmire pioneered digital distribution of albums by releasing the first ever downloadable album on July 2nd. 1994 – A Western Front – Full Blown Dave. The Quagmire catalog contains 10 releases plus dozens of unreleased albums mostly performed and/or produced by Tim between the mid 1980’s and 2011.

In 2011, Tim passed away and Beach was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer. Not a great year. During treatment, Beach decided to start Quagmire again as a tribute to Tim and released his final album, The Sweet Life – Mexico City Heart. A cassette of another Tim project followed (Baby – Comes Alive). Beach then moved to Portland to be closer to work and caregivers. Since having serious-as-cancer cancer tends to change one’s perspective on things, Lung was established as a way to celebrate life and living while honoring the dead and dying through music.

Lung’s mission is to release incredible, unique new music, celebrate Tim Alexander’s artistry and raise awareness for Lung Cancer research.
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